Fight through two stages and defeat waves of enemies in this arcade space shooter. Vanquish each Demon Lord individually or challenge yourself with a campaign to destroy both in a single run for a higher score.

Demon in the Sky is an epic war star fighter arcade action shooter game. The game features three distinct challenging bosses, each with their own attack patterns and waves of enemy ships.


Fight off waves of mutants and defend the outpost in this post apocalyptic machine-gun defense challenge. Take control of the spade grips of a .50 Heavy Machine-gun, slice through mutants with depleted uranium shells and unleash hell with incendiary rounds and grenades. Cut down the hordes as they try to overrun, your position.


I made this game from scratch in two days for Ludem Dare 42.


Collect enough valued items before the timer runs out to cash them in for money. Use money to buy defense systems. Purchase the Red Button to stop the defense system and win the game. Good luck and have fun!!



“A””D” = Movement,
“Spacebar” = Jump,
Mouse = Fire gun, pick up items, purchase defense items

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