Breathe Free

Hello fellow organic one.  Thank you for testing and helping me spread the word about breathing.

Breathing is and should be free.  This app will be dedicated to learning and implementing proven breathing techniques.


I intend to release and maintain this app 100% Free

 x No ads   x No in app purchases

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Breathe Free for Android.

As an avid Android user myself, I take privacy very seriously.

I know how irritating it is when apps collect your data without your knowledge.

I have not programmed this app to collect any personally identifiable information. All data (app preferences (like theme, etc.) and alarms) created by the you is stored on your device only, and can be simply erased by clearing the app's data or uninstalling it.

If you find any security vulnerability that has been inadvertently caused by me, or have any question regarding how the app protectes your privacy, please send me an email and I will surely try to fix it/help you.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Lopez

Charlotte, NC